About us

“Latus Sardze”, Ltd was founded in 1993, 26 of march and registered in Latvian Republic Company Register with number 120300321, and in Commercial Register in 2003, 23 of July, with number 41203003212.

From the date of foundation, company is engaged in following kinds of works:

– electric installations up to 20 kV (engineering and design up to 20 kV, operation, repair and servicing up to 20 kV, technical parameterschecking, measurements and adjustments up to 10 kV);

– sequrity and automatic fire alarms systems (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– video surveillance system (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– access control systems (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– telecommunications networks, notification systems (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– broadcasting and television networks, computer and data-processing networks (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– monitoring and control systems, visualization systems (engineering and design, installations and servicing);

– heating of pipelines;

– compressed air systems.

The company has all the necessary licenses for the above mentioned works, as well as the license to operate the enterprises petrochemical industry.

In all mentioned fields of activity are involved scilled and high complicated experts, engineers and workers. Total number of workers is 65 peoples this number has fluctuated, depending on the size of the works ordered by the executable. At the disposal of the company there is a considerable quantity of modern tools, equipment, measuring tools and  technical range, that provides quality of works performed.

Biggest part of works performed is works on oil and liquid chemicals plants, such as “Ventamonjaks”, “VK Terminal Services” Ltd., “Bio – Venta” Ltd., “VARS” “Lukoil” Ltd., ”STATOIL” Ltd.,“Ventall Terminals” Ltd., “Ventbunkers” Ltd., “ Latvian West Terminal” Ltd., “Liepajs Metalurg”Ltd. In count of regular customers are “Skonto-buve”, “RUP”, “ARBO”, “PILSBUVE” Ltd and others.

The company is constantly doing a large amount of purchase orders for Ventspils government.

“Latus Sardze” successfully works in collaboration with finish company “RELJERS Projektit”.

For a last year’s company made a big amount of electrical supply designs and projects for industrial and commercial customers, such as “MVA” meat-processing plant in Riga, “LUKOIL BALTIJA R”Ltd. oil and liquid chemicals plant in Olaine, “SPEDAIR”Ltd.  Cargo handling terminal in international airport “Riga”, industrial and technology park PORT MILGRAVIS“ in Riga and many others.