Access control

Access control

One of the areas of our company is installing an access control system that regulates the right of access to the premises or to the territory for certain persons. The system consists of hardware and software security equipment designed to limit / registration entry and exit of people and transport at a controlled area through the door, gate, and checkpoints.

Main tasks:

  1. restricting access to the controlled area;
  2. identify a person with access to the controlled area;
  3. access control on the controlled area(whom, at what time and on what territory to let in).

Additional tasks:

  1. working time tracking;
  2. salary calculation(when integrated with accounting systems);
  3. maintaining a database of staff / visitors;
  4. integration with the security system, for example:

– with video surveillance system- to combine systems event archive, notification to video surveillance system to start recording, rotate the camera to record the suspicious event;

– with the fire alarm, security system- to limit access to the premises in which security system is activated ,to automatically activate/deactivate security system in premises, to automatically deactivate the access control system in case of a fire.

Based on the construction site inspection, analysis of initial data, customer requirements and regulatory requirements following is determined:

  1. system type (local or extended, and  also the degree of integration)
  2. amount and type of equipment(for small offices and large enterprises to connect to PC)

The range of work that we offer includes:

  1. modernization of the existing system;
  2. design and installation of  access control system
  3. equipment selection and supply
  4. programming of access control system
  5. commissioning works
  6. system connection to the control system of  duty personnel/security company
  7. instruction
  8. new or existing access control system service