Electrical installations

SIA “Latus SARDZE” successfully and efficiently performs electrical works since 1993, we proved our self a professional, responsible and reliable partner. Our company performs electrical works of residential and industrial projects of any complexity level voltage up to 20 kV (design, installation, operation, repair and technical service in installations voltage up to 20 kV, parameter inspection, measurement and adjustment in systems up to 10 kV) Our staff – highly skilled employees who perform electrical works timely and with high quality, […]


Design – the process of creating a set of documentation, the purpose of which is to create some object, its subsequent exploitation, service, and also liquidation. Design includes the following steps: – Preliminary study of the object with the necessary measurements; – Analysis of the energy potential of the external power supply; – Calculation of total power consumption that will be used on this object; – The development of topological and circuit diagrams; – Making a list of electrical equipment […]

Video surveillance

A video surveillance system – a software and hardware system complex (cameras, lenses, monitors, recorders and other equipment), intended to organize a video inspection both at local and at geographically distributed sites. The function of the video surveillance system is not only protection against criminals, but also monitoring of workers, visitors to the office, warehouse or store, control activities in any type of premises. Thus, the video surveillance system provides: – visual control of the situation in the protected zone […]

Security alarm system

Modern security alarm system is designed to detect the fact of unauthorized entry to the protected area, including the surrounding territories, and issue an alert message. The alarm system makes possible the implementation of day-and-night control of any object, irrespective of its size. Since 1993, we install burglar alarm systems at the sites of various purposes: office buildings, factories, warehouses, banks, etc. Based on the construction site inspection, analysis of initial data, customer requirements and regulatory requirements following is determined: […]

Access control

One of the areas of our company is installing an access control system that regulates the right of access to the premises or to the territory for certain persons. The system consists of hardware and software security equipment designed to limit / registration entry and exit of people and transport at a controlled area through the door, gate, and checkpoints. Main tasks: restricting access to the controlled area; identify a person with access to the controlled area; access control on […]

Automation and control

Automated process control system solves the problems of operational management and control of technical objects in industry, energetic, transport. Today not one company can work efficiently without the use of information technologies that support management procedures that are performed. Modern methods of engineering and flexible architecture can provide the possibility of cost-effective solutions for all stages of company development including design, development, commissioning, education, service and exploitation as well as the further development. Using modern technologies control system adapts to […]

Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system is a basic element in the security of any company. This is dictated by the owners desire to protect the property, life and health of employees and the requirements of countries law. Fire alarm system is a complex set of technical tools that are used to detect the source of fire at an early stage. As a rule, the work of the fire protection system is more effective if used in conjunction with other premises security systems […]

Computer networks

Increasing information flows and a large number of operations related to its processing, storage and transmission make it impossible to normally function without modern IT. Organization requires a local network of computers, phones, peripheral equipment. Structured cabling system is a universal telecommunications infrastructure of a building or complex of buildings, providing the transmission of signals of all types, including voice, data, and video. Most companies, whose activities are, linked to the performance of computer networks need installation services of networks. […]