Computer networks

Computer networks

Increasing information flows and a large number of operations related to its processing, storage and transmission make it impossible to normally function without modern IT. Organization requires a local network of computers, phones, peripheral equipment.

Structured cabling system is a universal telecommunications infrastructure of a building or complex of buildings, providing the transmission of signals of all types, including voice, data, and video. Most companies, whose activities are, linked to the performance of computer networks need installation services of networks. Creating a network is a multi-step process, consisting of a network design, installation, its testing and documentation. Company’s efficiency and business continuity depends on the quality of the local network installation.

Based on the experience of highly skilled professionals, our company designs, installs network, installs and configures network equipment. We are working not only in office facilities but also in industrial areas.

Based on the construction site inspection, analysis of initial data, customer requirements and regulatory requirements following is determined:

  1. system type(capacity and speed of information flow, the number of users, protection of information, the possibility of further expansion)
  2. amount and type of equipment (necessity for installation of optical modules for remote users, the ability to create a universal management for active information switches, safety equipment used)

The range of work that we offer includes:

  1. modernization of the existing system;
  2. design and installation of  network equipment and networks
  3. equipment selection and supply
  4. commissioning works
  5. instruction
  6. new or existing system service