Design – the process of creating a set of documentation, the purpose of which is to create some object, its subsequent exploitation, service, and also liquidation.

Design includes the following steps:

– Preliminary study of the object with the necessary measurements;

– Analysis of the energy potential of the external power supply;

– Calculation of total power consumption that will be used on this object;

– The development of topological and circuit diagrams;

– Making a list of electrical equipment and expendable materials;

– Development of design documentation;

– Project approval in city services, if necessary.

Each item of the created project goes thru multiple checks for compliance with existing standards, the requirements of the Latvian laws and client’s requests.

SIA “Latus SARDZE” provides professional development of electrical projects based on years of experience and high qualifications of the professionals involved.

We design objects such as office and administrative buildings, warehouses, schools, kindergartens, industrial facilities and many other

We design:

– power supply

– electrical equipment and illumination

– lightning protection

– low-voltage systems

– automation and control systems

Electrical engineering in the performance of our experts – is the realization of advanced engineering ideas through constructive accuracy of technical calculations.