Electrical installations

Electrical installations

SIA “Latus SARDZE” successfully and efficiently performs electrical works since 1993, we proved our self a professional, responsible and reliable partner. Our company performs electrical works of residential and industrial projects of any complexity level voltage up to 20 kV (design, installation, operation, repair and technical service in installations voltage up to 20 kV, parameter inspection, measurement and adjustment in systems up to 10 kV)

Our staff – highly skilled employees who perform electrical works timely and with high quality, based on the huge store of knowledge and experience. Thanks to them, all electrical works are performed at a high level, professionally and quickly.

We work only with reliable electrical materials of leading brands such as SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider Electric and others. Our employees use only modern equipment that allows quickly and qualitatively perform even the most complex electrical installation.

The vast experience, technical and human resources of the company allows us to work not only in Latvia, but also abroad.

Our range of services in the sphere of electrical installation:

1.      installation of cable ducts and cable metal constructions

2.      wiring

3.      laying cable lines up to 20 kV

4.      installation and repair of distribution devices up to 10 kV

5.      installation and repair of transformer substations

6.      installation of electrical equipment

7.      installation of indoor and outdoor lighting

8.      installation of lightning protection and grounding

9.      installation of electric equipment in explosive and flammable areas

10.  installation and commissioning of control systems

11.  installation and commissioning of fire and security alarm systems, video, computer and telephone networks

12.  installation and commissioning of access control systems

13.  commissioning of electrical equipment

14.  maintenance of installed or existing electrical installations