Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system is a basic element in the security of any company. This is dictated by the owners desire to protect the property, life and health of employees and the requirements of countries law. Fire alarm system is a complex set of technical tools that are used to detect the source of fire at an early stage. As a rule, the work of the fire protection system is more effective if used in conjunction with other premises security systems (access control system, fire extinguishing installation, smoke removal system, warning system, management of the elevators, etc.) Also a necessary condition to minimize damage from the fire is the quality of installation and the modernity of the system.

SIA ”Latus SARDZE” is a company, which solves issues of fire safety of different complexities for many years. Rich experience in this area allows us professionally fulfill the installation of the fire detection system, service and repair works of fire alarm and security systems. We use only modern fire alarm systems of leading manufacturers that proved their professionalism over the years.

Based on the construction site inspection, analysis of initial data, customer requirements and regulatory requirements following is determined:

  1. system type(wired/wireless,conventional/analogue addressable)
  2. warning system type(siren, light displays and signs, voice announcement , fire station linkage)
  3. amount and type of equipment(smoke detector, flame detector, thermal sensors etc.)

The range of work that we offer includes:

  1. modernization of the existing system;
  2. design and installation of  fire alarm systems and warning systems
  3. equipment selection and supply
  4. commissioning works
  5. system connection to the control system of  duty personnel/security company
  6. instruction
  7. new or existing fire alarm and warning system service